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Medical & Vet Cameras

Medical & Vet Cameras

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  1. Quick view Doga


    Regular Price: $2,490.00

    Special Price $1,590.00

    Wireless Medical imaging system - Doga

    Wirelessly view & capture images and videos from intraoral cameras, and more

    Presenting in Motion: Intraoral Video Tour

    The modern method of case presentation is done by a video. Record intraoral images and video, and immediately show it to your patients on the monitor. By precisely pointing out the areas of concern in a video, your patients can better understand their medical conditions and the need for your suggested treatment. With this new understanding of their condition, your patients can even take home the recorded images / video and discuss their treatment with their family members.

    A picture is worth a thousand words!
    This proccess wil easily increase your case acceptance. RF SYSTEM lab. leads the way with the doctor's needs in mind

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  2. Quick view RFSYSTEMLab - wireless transmitter for dental chair side monitor - Herts - (BS-55)


    Regular Price: $490.00

    Special Price $390.00

    Enjoy videos and DVDs wirelessly

    The Herts wireless video transmitter is designed to educate and entertain your patients with your own DVD, VCR, TV, or other video source to your RFSYSTEMLab wireless Monitors (or any other monitors, when used  in combination with Morse or USB Morse receivers).

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  3. Quick view RFSYSTEMLab - Wireless Video Receiver - Morse


    Regular Price: $395.00

    Special Price $295.00

    Wireless Video Receiver - Morse

    When you want to view the images from your intraoral camera on a TV or other monitor, just plug the Morse receiver to the video input.

    The Morse receives the signal from RFSYSTEMLab's intraoral cameras and displays the images onto your TV or other monitors.

    It is a single video cable connection, no complication

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  4. Quick view RFSYSTEMLab japan: Wireless USB Video Receiver - USB-Morse


    Regular Price: $495.00

    Special Price $395.00

    Wireless USB Video Receiver - USB-Morse

    Importing captured images from your RFSYSTEMLab wireless video Otoscopes to your Computer. USB Morse is an easy connection to the USB port.
    RFSYSTEMLab medical cameras wirelessly transmit the images to your PC through USB receiver.
    By using the software included in the package, captured images are easily stored and managed
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  5. Quick view USB video capture for RFSYSTEMLab video otoscope Cameras - device


    Regular Price: $149.00

    Special Price $129.00

    USB-Capture device

    The USB-CAP Video capture device with Audio, captures High-quality video and audio files directly via USB 2.0 interface without the need for an additiona video and/or sound card.

    Used in combination with a Morse wireless video receiver , images from a wired / wireless medical Otoscope camera can be captured onto any computer (PC - Mac)


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5 Item(s)

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