Wireless Plaque Detector & IntraOral Camera - Einstein Spark

Plaque Detection & Intraoral Camera in one system

RFSYSTEMLab Plaque detection imaging - Einstein Spark

Einstein SPARK is the definite communication tool to increase your patients understanding and case acceptance. Patients are often unaware of the potential and actual decay caused by conditions occurring in their own mouths, even when they are shown the image with a regular intraoral camera.

Beeing able to clearly show the patient the actual plaque and tarter build up, is essential for this understanding.
The newly developed 4osnm LED function illuminates the plaque and tarter in a pink flourecent color, showing the patient clearly where their theeth need better cleaning, reinforcing their understanding of the need for both better professional and home oral care.

RFSYSTEMLab Plaque detection imaging - Einstein Spark

Einstein SPARK can store up to 16 images on-board, and with the newly innovated 405nm LED lighting, you can actually see plaque and tartar illuminated on the screen.
This method of visual plaque detection enables you to easily describe the intraoral status to your patients.
Setup of the Einstein Spark is extremely easy, simply connect and turn on.
With the Einstein Spark, you can easily maximize and expand the advantages of an intraoral camera within your practice.

* Plaque Detector

Einstein Spark wireless intraoral camera & Plaque Detector in one - by rfsystemlab japan Einstein Spark wireless intraoral camera & Plaque Detector in one - by rfsystemlab japan

* 16 image on-board memory

Einstein Spark wireless intraoral camera & Plaque Detector in one - by rfsystemlab japan


bullet Wireless reception
RFSYSTEMLab Wireless reception of dental camera Einstein

bullet Plaque Detection Mode
Plaque Detection Mode

bullet1.36 MEGAPIXEL

The first super high-resolution mega-pixel CCD onboard intraoral camera in the industry. The newly adopted processing SX630 exposes the ability limit of CCD for brilliant graphical representation.


Auto-focus function completely eliminates cumbersome manual focusing.

bullet16-Image Onboard Memory / Easy to Choose Simple-Layout

Save up to 16 images in the camera by one touch operation. Two kinds of control buttons let you capture and show easily.
* When using the camera with a USB capture device, there is no limit to the number of images you can store on the computer.

bulletFogging-Free 0.02-inch Pin Lens

The newly developed 0.02-inch pin lens has resolved the problem of condensation, which occurs with a patient's breathing against the cold surface.

bulletWhite LED Lighting

The LED lamps, surrounding the pin lens, semi-permanently maintain realistic colors since they do not require bulb replacement.

bulletFull digital processing

bulletImage memory SDRAM 128 MB (onboard)

bullet2.4GHz micro wave transmitter

bullet60-min battery

bulletEasy Operation

It is always difficult to maneuver conventional intraoral cameras due to the cumbersome hard-wire (connection). By comparison, because of the WIRELESS capability, our intraoral camera enables you to take close-up shots from various angles as well as positioning the camera to take teeth-in-a-row images. Moreover, the fully enhanced auto-focus function makes image capturing much simpler than ever before.

bulletIncluded in basic set

* Morse-Ts, wireless video receiver (additional video / USB receivers can be ordered) RFSYSTEMLab Morse-Ts, wireless receiver

* Recharging Stand (additional charging stands can be ordered) RFSYSTEMLab charger base for intraoral camera Einstein Spark

* Disposable covers x 100 (additional disposable covers can be ordered per 500X) Disposable covers or RFSYSTEM Lab intraoral camera

bulletAvailable Accessories

*  Wireless Receivers

*  Wireless Monitors

*  Macro Lens

*  USB Capture Device

*  Disposable hygienic covers

 Rf SYSTEM Lab wireless dental camera and monitor system
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